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Discover the business opportunities of Metaverse with the Executive Education Program for corporate teams.
Learn how to make real money in the virtual space.

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Metaverse Executive Education Program for Corporate Teams

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Discover the business opportunities of Metaverse with the Executive Education Program for corporate teams.
Learn how to make real money in the virtual space.

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Metaverse Executive Education Program for Corporate Teams

Krzysztof Bulski

Ethan Pierse

Dr. Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro

Managing Director at Molecule Group

Co-Founder of the NFT Factory and Director of the CryptoAssets Institute

Metaverse Producer at Decentraland Foundation


Axel Beelen

Certified DPO and Blockchain Law Consultant

Bugge Holm Hansen

Associated Partner and Head of Center for Future Driven Sports & Entertainment at
Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

Sami Tauber

Chief Metaverse Officer at VNCCII

Metaverse opens up a diversity of business growth opportunities for many industries.
Join our Metaverse Hub to learn how to take advantage of them properly and succeed.

You will explore how your organization’s competencies translate into strategic challenges and opportunities in the Metaverse space.


You will benefit from top industry insights to identify and evaluate the company's strategy and business model for Metaverse initiatives.


You will gain the necessary skills to design and build winning action plans that sustain competitive advantage.

Action plan

You will identify and improve alignment between the Metaverse and your company’s strategy and organizational structure.


Answers to all questions about Metaverse

If Metaverse is the New World of sales, our experts will teach you how to conquer and monetize it.
Our Metaverse Hub answers all the questions you have.

How can my company enter the Metaverse?
Is my competition already in the Metaverse?
What are the investment risks associated?
How to profit from PR & branding in the Metaverse?
What business results can I achieve in the Metaverse?
How can I monetize Metaverse traffic?

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How to join the Metaverse Hub

What you get with Metaverse Hub

Our 3-month educational program is a toolkit for you and your team to successfully bring business to the Metaverse.

6 Strategic seminars with top industry experts

3 group assignments moderated by a Hub expert

Yearly access to a carefully curated knowledge database

Access to the individual mentoring program on demand

Yearly access to the community of experts & program participants

Certificate upon completion

We've gathered 50+ top industry experts. Meet some of those, who will help your company find its niche in the Metaverse.

Meet the Metaverse Hub Experts

Benefits of the Metaverse Hub

By joining this 100% online program, you get access to the know-how of Molecule Group and MIT EF CEE.

Get the Metaverse Report

Download the report on methods for populating the Metaverse and get ready to develop new sales channels.
The report analyzes all major Metaverse platforms such as Decentraland, Sandbox, Horizon, and Roblox.

How much does land cost in the Metaverse?
How do you organize a concert or fashion show?
How to design and sell clothes in the Metaverse?
What are the best case studies of brands that are already present in the Metaverse?

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Discover new 
business opportunities by joining the Metaverse Hub

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Gain the knowledge, create an action plan to profitably sell in the Metaverse and become a leader in digital transformation in your industry

Gain a business perspective on social responsibility issues and creating the Metaverse as a safe place for all ages

Learn how to create strategies and business models for the Metaverse, plan campaigns and execute sales projects

Learn about virtual worlds from the inside out, creating virtual venues and events under the guidance of experts

Get access to an extensive global network of experts supported by MIT EF CEE and Molecule Group

Meet the Metaverse Hub Experts